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Shine Theory: Making Your Voice Heard

Networking has a negative connotation. Perhaps it’s because when we think of the word, this image comes to mind: entering a room with an agenda to meet an intimidating group of perceived successful business leaders […]

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The Realities That Come With Achieving Sustainability

Recently, I sat in on an excellent lecture on sustainability by Dr. Kathleen Smythe of Xavier University. In the discussion on sustainability, Dr. Smythe was very specific in culminating decades of her experiences, and the […]

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Why I Stayed: My Domestic Abuse Story

— Trigger warnings: physical violence, rape, mental illness, abuse — I used to judge people in abusive relationships.  I would think to myself, “They’re stupid. Why don’t they just leave? If a man ever put […]

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Donald Trump, Kim Jong-Un, and a Pyongyang Showdown

As my mind was coming to grips with Mr. Trump seizing the White House, my thoughts instantly went to the multiple scenarios that could play out on the Korean Peninsula and surrounding areas. His speeches […]

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Longevity 101: Is Living Forever Young Truly A Matter of Mindset?

The Science and secrets to successfully aging “Health is your chemistry, your biology, your will AND your spirit.” ~ Dr. Taz MD — Scene One: Bookstore browsing. Observed Titles: Secrets of Longevity, The Longevity Factor, […]

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American Isn’t A Skin Color: Why You’re More Than Your Ethnicity

There was a quote floating around Facebook a few days ago from Toni Morrison, one of the greatest writers America has produced. The quote went something like: “Only White people are American, everyone else is […]