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Twenty One Students are Suing the President Over Climate Change

Normally, when adults discuss suing one another, it typically has to deal with civil disagreements concerning local issues. However, there is a group of nearly two dozen children who are currently in the court process […]

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Paid Patriotism

Well, well, well, as it turns out: some of you part-time patriot, full-time NFL executives are full of shit. Much commotion has been made in regards to 49-er quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s protest against police brutality […]

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Chasing Fame: Ryan Lochte’s Obsession with Attention

Article reference “The blond hair, really?” I was sitting with the girls of a family friend, keeping them company while their parents were at work. “He’s just so cute,” the eldest of the two sighed […]

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Money Makes the (Wells Fargo) World Go Round

“Greed, that’s what it comes down to.” I was sitting across from a family friend. We were discussing the premise of the movie The Big Short. “So, one of the characters has this big moral […]