Trump Likes His Steak Well Done

Trump Steak

What’s the point of even ordering a steak if that’s how you’re going to go about it?

Ignore everything this buffoon is saying. Pay attention to the bro sitting behind him, to the right. That’s Zach Etkind, the star of this video and he brings up an excellent point. Donald Trump orders his steaks well done. Just allow that to sink in.  The guy who wants to lead our country and claims he will destroy ISIS, orders his steak well done.  My first question: what type of ketchup would you like with your hamburger, Mr. Trump?  Heinz 57?  How can this man be expected to eradicate ISIS, if he doesn’t have the basic cognitive capacity to order a proper steak?  How can this man be trusted? How can he have the audacity to open a steakhouse and name a steak after himself? While his hate speeches and fear mongering have certainly whipped up quite the frenzy and produced an alarmingly large base, this may be the controversy to damage his campaign.  If there is one group that can truly appreciate undercooked meat, it’s the backwoods Neanderthals who support him.  They are probably only one drunken night away from giving pork sushi a try. If the laundry list of issues from blatant sexism, racism, and bigotry weren’t enough to disqualify this bonehead as a candidate to be the next POTUS, heres one more thing to add to the list. Say what you will about Obama, but at least he doesn’t eat his steak well done.