5 Phases of Liking a Guy with a Girlfriend

1. Meet & Greet

The first time you meet might not seem like a big deal. You say hi to each other, chat a little, and then go your separate ways. But then you see him again, and again; maybe in school or at work, so there’s no way that you won’t cross paths. You start to chat and you find out that he’s not that bad.

2. Communication and Social Networking

You start to enjoy talking to him, and it seems like he enjoys talking to you too. You both feel so comfortable with each other. You start talking about your hobbies and interests and you share stories about each other. You know his favorite movie and he knows your favorite color. He finds out a lot about you and you find out a lot about him— like how he has a girlfriend. Awkward. Just when you thought that not all the good guys in the world are taken, they really are.

3. “We have this connection, you know.”

So you talk with him every day. Your conversations reach until two in the morning where you talk about the deep things. He enjoys your company and you obviously enjoy his company too. You start to develop feelings for him, which is so wrong but feels so right. Snap out of it!, you tell yourself. He has a girlfriend for crying out loud! So you try to steer clear from him. But he’s making this hard for you because you feel that he has feelings for you too. His girlfriend’s not with him all the time, but you are. You start to think that you can do better than her, but you know he loves his girlfriend very much. You can’t help but feel what you’re feeling—a connection. It was a connection that wasn’t meant to last.

4. Realization Hits You Like A Ton Of Bricks

He stops texting you. He becomes distant, but still civil. You can feel that it’s just not the same anymore. He realizes that maybe he was becoming too close to you. Maybe he was starting to like you as more than a friend. Maybe it’s just not right. He realizes that he should go back to his girlfriend; and you realize that you’ll never be his first choice. You’ll always be second in his heart and that makes you really sad. You realize that you will only be an option to him, not a first priority. You miss the playful banter and those nights where you’d talk until the sun comes out. You miss walking with him and being able to tell him anything. You miss how the both of you used to be, and it will never be the same again.

5. Just Friends

You just have to deal with it and move on. It’s like going back to the first phase. You cross each other’s paths, say hi, chat a little, then go your separate ways. But all those times you spent together didn’t go to waste. You still remain friends. Although some things have changed, you still try to recover whatever you can. You start to think about everything that had happened between the two of you. Was it all in my mind, you ask yourself. But it doesn’t matter. You know that if you go any closer, it’ll just break your heart even more.