Author: Dominick Fils-Aime

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Paid Patriotism

Well, well, well, as it turns out: some of you part-time patriot, full-time NFL executives are full of shit. Much commotion has been made in regards to 49-er quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s protest against police brutality […]

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Chicago PD Declines Invite to ESPN’S Town Hall On Race And Violence

The Chicago Police Department declined to participate in a televised discourse, presented by ESPN’S First Take, concerning race, law enforcement, gun violence and other social issues. The program, entitled “An Undefeated Conversation: Athletes, Responsibility, and […]

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How Racism Made and Might Be Keeping Marijuana Illegal

In mid May, the U.S House Rules Committee voted against two amendments that would have allowed for extensive research to be conducted concerning the ways in which marijuana could be used as an alternative to […]

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But When The Addicts Were Black, Nobody Cared

“I will say that I’m glad that we’re finally able to have a conversation. When I watch the Republican Party hugging heroin addicted folks opiate addicted folks it makes me very happy, but it also […]

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Conservative Terrorism

To anyone observing reality with regular eyes, there is a distinct difference between the ways in which the threat of violence is combatted by law enforcement and communicated by news media, the control variables being: […]