Author: Isabelle Wong

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How Your Feelings Can Affect Your Fate: Positive Changes You Can Make Today

Fate (noun): “A power that is believed to control what happens in the future.”   F- Merriam Webster Dictionary  Think about the last time something terrible or great happened to you. Did you blame or credit yourself, someone […]

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The Audacity of the American Consumer

Thanksgiving Day found me folding onesies in the maternity section of a large clothing store. To say that I was filled with gratitude for the futility of my task would be a broad hyperbole, but […]

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Shine Theory: Making Your Voice Heard

Networking has a negative connotation. Perhaps it’s because when we think of the word, this image comes to mind: entering a room with an agenda to meet an intimidating group of perceived successful business leaders […]

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Longevity 101: Is Living Forever Young Truly A Matter of Mindset?

The Science and secrets to successfully aging “Health is your chemistry, your biology, your will AND your spirit.” ~ Dr. Taz MD — Scene One: Bookstore browsing. Observed Titles: Secrets of Longevity, The Longevity Factor, […]

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A Project Is Never Really Done: Anne Leibovitz’s Latest Work

Annie Leibovitz is considered by many to be one of America’s greatest portrait photographers. Her name brings to mind iconic images that have helped define contemporary celebrity portraiture: the provocative and thoughtful picture of John […]

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Chasing Fame: Ryan Lochte’s Obsession with Attention

Article reference “The blond hair, really?” I was sitting with the girls of a family friend, keeping them company while their parents were at work. “He’s just so cute,” the eldest of the two sighed […]

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Money Makes the (Wells Fargo) World Go Round

“Greed, that’s what it comes down to.” I was sitting across from a family friend. We were discussing the premise of the movie The Big Short. “So, one of the characters has this big moral […]

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Schooled for Life?

Reading this article in light of recently graduating from college, I considered the validity of this statement: “[Schools] teach us everything other than the two skills that really determine the quality of adult life; knowing […]

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The “One Day, I Will” Project

  “One Day, I Will” is an ongoing project by Vincent Tremeau, a photographer in Dakar, Senegal, who worked in the Central African Republic. Tremeau asked a number of children in four African countries – […]

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The Intersection of Practicality and Beauty

  As a student, I often feel pulled in so many different directions. College can seem like a constant battle of balancing sleep, academics, practice, and time with friends. It can be overwhelming, and sometimes, […]

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Read by Famous

On a recent trip to Asheville, NC, a beautiful bookstore stole my heart. Amidst the sprawling bookcases and postcard racks, two shelves in a corner were dedicated to “Blind Date Books.” The books were wrapped […]

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The Power of Vulnerability

  “You are imperfect, you are wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging.” – Dr. Brené Brown Since freshman year of college, I’ve had this quote penned on the folder I carry […]

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It’s A Miracle We Ever Met

In an observing mood this weekend, I did a lot of people-watching in the coffee shop where I holed up Saturday afternoon. It was a rainy, cloudy, stay-in-and-eat-toast sort of day. I happened upon the […]