Author: Laura Auketayeva

Hobbies include making memes and stand-up comedy
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7 Crazy Craigslist Jobs A Millennial Would Find in May 2018

What A Millennial Looking for a Job in NYC on Craigslist will find on May 2, 2018 Never thought you could tell my feet were Asian This is classic by now Some generous free internship […]

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What We Learned from Facebook This April

It feels like it was yesterday that we watched Mark Zuckerberg’s overly earnest eyes stare into the dozens of cameras as he was giving testimony in light of revelations that Cambridge Analytica used Facebook data […]

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Health Disparity: Race Gap in Nutrition

It’s no secret that America has a “food problem.” There’s always that person who will say, “no one made you eat so much.” And while personal accountability, of course, plays a role; as people do […]