Author: Marcus Hatten

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Colorblind Couture: Fashion’s Diversity Problem

With the success of fashion brands like Savage X Fenty and Chromat, two industry game-changers, who have proven that diversity sells and is the representation we’ve all been waiting for; why is it that so […]

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My Rant About The 2018 Women’s March

“Hey! Ho! Trump has got to go,” hundreds, thousands screamed, hollered and chanted as they Marched this past Saturday in the streets of New York. As someone who is a part of several marginalized groups, […]

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What Do I Know About War

September is over and it’s been another month of the Trump presidency. As a twenty-Three year old, this is the first presidency I’ve really paid attention to. You’d probably assume it’s because it’s the first […]

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The Fragile State of Masculinity

Life lessons appear when you least expect them to. One minute you’re rushing across the platform to catch the train, and poof – out of nowhere appears a life lesson. Unexpectedly, you might realize that […]

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Hate Is Not an Opinion: A Lesson About Listening

  In the aftershock of the 2016 election, it is not surprising that the average, modern-aged American is taking to social media in order to rant and rave about the turnout of the event. Weeks […]

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American Isn’t A Skin Color: Why You’re More Than Your Ethnicity

There was a quote floating around Facebook a few days ago from Toni Morrison, one of the greatest writers America has produced. The quote went something like: “Only White people are American, everyone else is […]

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Colorblindness: A Racist Ideology

To say the racial tension in the past year was anything but ever present in American society would be an understatement. So it should come to no surprise that people have tried to find solutions […]