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The Future of Poverty and Homelessness: Tiny Houses for LA

Always the first few lines of boxes, or the top left hand corner of the mandatory cover letter: name, phone number, permanent address. Answers so many take as a given, the tedious essentials, simply mere […]

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Libertarians Are Feeling the Bern, They Just Don’t Know It Yet

Libertarian leaners, whose most viable candidate, Rand Paul, dropped out of the race on February 3rd, are on the market for a new man to back. Perhaps, this person will be found not amongst the […]

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I Pledge Allegiance

The intercom system buzzing into interruption, “Good morning, let’s all stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.” The motion is automatic, students standing up from chairs to face the flag, right hand over the left breast. […]

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Jenna Leonard: Art’s Next It Girl?

She chose the spot, a small bar in the heart of York, Maine, with just enough room for no more than twenty individuals. At 4:00pm the bar is nearly empty apart from the flannel clad, […]

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Hillary Clinton: When a Movement is Nothing More than Tokenism

We are the argumentative type; the young people unable (or unwilling) to keep our mouths shut; the bleeding heart liberals so often stereotyped as unshowered hippies with hair tied in dreadlocks. But we do have […]