Author: Mina Mirzaie

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Juvenile Incarceration in America: Pt. 2

Continuing in this series, I would like to discuss the role of education both inside and outside the system of incarceration America has imbued its youthful potential with. But first, if you have not read […]

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The Future of American Politics: What does this Kennedy mean?

Joseph P. Kennedy III. Alright, admit it. Before the Democrats State of the Union Response this name, other than the Kennedy part, probably didn’t send fireworks through your brain. However, it seems that this new […]

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The Media and Self-Discredit: Coffee, Anyone?

On this platform, articles have been written regarding the realities that our media faces. Nearly a year since those were written, it is time for a little assessment of the aftermath. A commentary on what […]

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The Reality of Physician Misconduct

We have all seen the stories. X physician dragged out of the clinic after coming into work intoxicated (and about to do surgery) or Y physician accused of sexually assaulting dozens of female athletes training […]

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An Emerging Debate: Opioids as Antidepressants?

It might seem like a wild assertion, to use opioids as medication for anti-depressants, but it is a reality that we might collectively see sooner than later when it comes to combating a wide range […]

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Addiction in America: Maryland Declares an Opioid State of Emergency

Whether you were aware of it or not, the state of Maryland recently declared a state of emergency over an opioid crisis. Maryland’s growing problems include overdose linked to the use of heroin and fentanyl, […]

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Why the Media Is Scared In the Current Political Climate

All right, enough with the silence. Let’s talk about the current emotional meltdown plaguing networks like CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, Politico, and so many more. First, let’s step away from the current political […]

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The Realities That Come With Achieving Sustainability

Recently, I sat in on an excellent lecture on sustainability by Dr. Kathleen Smythe of Xavier University. In the discussion on sustainability, Dr. Smythe was very specific in culminating decades of her experiences, and the […]

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New Realties, New Challenges, and New Hopes

We live in a world that relies heavily on a few key concepts associated with our survival: success through achievement and the pursuit of a better tomorrow. While these concepts may make our current world […]

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Twenty One Students are Suing the President Over Climate Change

Normally, when adults discuss suing one another, it typically has to deal with civil disagreements concerning local issues. However, there is a group of nearly two dozen children who are currently in the court process […]

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General Election 2016: Candidate Health Watch?

As we swing into another realm of the 2016 general election season, this past weekend was devoted to analyzing and justifying each of the candidate’s health concerns and overall health claims. There was a time […]

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Let the Media Distortion of the General Election Begin

The Presidential Election is coming in just a few months. In this time of excitement, amazement, and possible new beginnings, there is of course a question of increasing media involvement and possible distortion of what […]