Author: Natalie Zamora

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Top 10 Movies on Netflix Right Now

With award season officially over, you’re probably done binge watching the nominees and are completely over all the buzz the films have created. If you’re like me, you’re already excited for what 2016 is bringing […]

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Why I Hate Kanye West (And You Should, Too!)

Everyone has different opinions on rapper Kanye West, which is totally warranted. Many people enjoy his music, many people think he’s funny, many people think he’s a good fashion designer. However, what he has going […]

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Are Your 20s Really the Best Years of Your Life?

Everyone says it; your parents, your teachers, your aunts and uncles. They all say your 20s are the best years of your life. I just wanna know, why and how?! The only logical explanation I […]

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Does Leonardo DiCaprio Really Deserve An Oscar This Year?

Oh, the poor guy! By now, Leonardo DiCaprio is beyond a household name; he’s an acting icon. Surely, young actors and even future icons will look up to and take inspiration from the 41 year […]