Author: Shannon Mitchell

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Why We Should Thank The People Who Broke Our Heart

Getting your heart broken sucks. Tremendously. It spans the spectrum of inability to drag ourselves out of bed-utter devastation to unbearable, cringeworthy proclamations to the entire bar about how your ex was a dick, or […]

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In the Aftermath of Orlando’s Tragedy, Blame is Not the Solution

In the wake of the devastating tragedy in Orlando on June 12th, the debate over gun sovereignty has flared up once again, begging the question, whose fault is it? The U.S is no stranger to […]

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It’s Not Modern Dating’s Fault, It’s Ours

First of all, can everyone just not with the articles about modern dating being a shit-show? Although oftentimes true, I get it, it’s not the way it once was, just like lots of things aren’t […]

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Dumbin’ it Down for The Donald

Over the course of 2016’s presidential campaign, many have been unable to bring themselves to take Trump seriously, even as he takes the caucus cakes in consecutive states. There have been many jokes circulating in […]

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#Buttstuff2016: A Comprehensive Guide of Everything Not to Do

#Buttstuff2016: A Comprehensive Guide of Everything Not to Do Let’s get started, shall we? 1. Shame your partner The first step to familiarizing yourself with the b-hole is to make your partner feel like total shit […]

Look Out, Hillary, The Capital Region is Feeling The Bern!

A few days ago, in Albany, droves of Upstate New Yorkers hastily lined up outside of the Washington Avenue Armory in support of Senator Bernie Sanders. The presidential candidate from Vermont delivered a speech, hoping […]