Back to the Now?

In Back to the Future 2, Doc and Marty travel to the year 2015 and enter a world of flying cars, hoverboards, and creepy interactive Michael Jackson monitors. This enigmatic film left fans, scientists, and buttheads discussing whether or not this vision of the future could come to fruition. Let’s look at five signs that would confirm the prophecy.

Virtual Reality Without Glasses

In downtown Hill Valley, the local cinema is showing an interactive advertisement for Jaws 19. When Marty walks up to the theatre a holographic shark comes out intending to eat him. Though we don’t have 19 iterations of Jaws yet, we do have Shark Week. As far as virtual reality goes, at least we’ve got Tupac holograms.

Self Drying Jackets

Doc gives Marty a self-drying jacket. Who wouldn’t want a jacket that could dry them off after taking a dip? You’d have a million friends. Sure, we have liquid repellent clothes. It’s close, but not Michael J. Fox getting blown in the face with his hot jacket close.

Robot Gas Pumps

Why hasn’t this happened yet? We’ve been to the moon. This is, what, a weekend project?

Flying Cars

Any sci-fi film about a futuristic metropolis isn’t complete without flying vehicles. Multiple scientists have claimed to have found a method for getting the car off the ground, but most have crashed and burned. A documentary titled Flubber showcases some of the difficulties. One car has been successfully tested on the road and in the air. Flying cars but still no robot gas pumps? Ridiculous.


The pink hoverboard is one of the best pieces of movie memorabilia ever. Just imagine zipping down the road on a pink piece of plastic. You’d have a billion friends. Rumor has it that hoverboard technology has been around for 30 years and just hasn’t  been able to get itself out into the market. Government deemed it too cool. [Editor’s Note: Well, looky here. Lexus out of left field.]

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