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Social Media You V. The Real You

Scrolling through the comments on my Instagram, I smile at the irony behind all the Can I be you’s and the Teach me your ways’s and even the one worded jealous’s. Those loyal followers wouldn’t […]

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The Power of Vulnerability

  “You are imperfect, you are wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging.” – Dr. Brené Brown Since freshman year of college, I’ve had this quote penned on the folder I carry […]

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Four Fundamentals to Pleasing a Woman

“Her mind is deliciously improper and her body is an aphrodisiac” -Alfredo Cano  Recently, a girlfriend of mine introduced me to an incredible author and psychotherapist who does extensive therapeutic and sexual work with couples. […]

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There Are Those Who Draw Shit and Those Who Don’t.

When I got to “art school” I clearly remember one of the lectures I got from my drawing professor about poop. It was a strange topic, especially for a lecture. Still, it still resonates deeply […]

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A Call for Religious Literacy

In my earlier years, my straight-from-the-village Mom and Dad dragged me to St. Sophia’s Greek Orthodox Church weekly. I remember finding the service painfully boring. To pass the time, I’d examine the way light bent […]

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Instagram Models Hinder Independence

Young people love Henry David Thoreau. “If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common […]

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Pornography: A Love/Hate Relationship

I remember first discovering pornography. I was probably nine or ten and late night television promised fuzzy, barely distinguishable nudity, but I knew I’d stumbled upon something big. It stirred new, thrilling feelings of pre-teen […]

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Colorblindness: A Racist Ideology

To say the racial tension in the past year was anything but ever present in American society would be an understatement. So it should come to no surprise that people have tried to find solutions […]

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Women’s Clothing: Why I Choose Fit Over Size

I went shopping in the plus size section of a store for the first time ever a couple days ago. Looking over at the “regular” sizes with anxiety, I thought, “isn’t that the side I […]

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The Elephant in the Room: Acknowledging Diversity and White Privilege

I was once given some advice and it went something like this, “Never discuss politics or religion and you’ll have friends for life.” What this loosely translates to me is, “never discuss topics that people […]