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Women’s Clothing: Why I Choose Fit Over Size

I went shopping in the plus size section of a store for the first time ever a couple days ago. Looking over at the “regular” sizes with anxiety, I thought, “isn’t that the side I […]

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The Elephant in the Room: Acknowledging Diversity and White Privilege

I was once given some advice and it went something like this, “Never discuss politics or religion and you’ll have friends for life.” What this loosely translates to me is, “never discuss topics that people […]

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Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend (If You Hate Him)

The internet is a magical place full of generous, heroic souls looking to make a difference in the world by offering free advice on every subject, from dating to career success. Unfortunately, these good Samaritans […]

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How Clothing Rules Equal Body Shaming

During my nightly routine, the very last thing I do is plan out my outfit for the next day. I spend minutes meticulously choosing pieces that pair well not only with each other, but also […]

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Choosing To Be Selfish

The idea sounds outlandish. Why would anyone choose to purposefully act in a selfish manor? The notion goes against everything we were ever taught. Every moral. Every etiquette lesson from Grandma. “Share!” “Be respectful.” “Don’t talk […]

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Chasing Peak Experiences

You want to feel intensely; connect deeply; leave this life utterly spent. You want a movie-worthy life, a sweeping, grand narrative that destroys everything in its path. Experience is your drug and the addiction has […]

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Knowing When to Give Up

Reality is brutal. Hardships are necessary for growth. Still, that doesn’t mean you should throw yourself into agonizing situations and keep yourself there in hopes that it’ll get better. It’s a Sisyphean feat. Other than […]

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Release Social Media’s Hold

Social media is rooted deeper in our collective psyches than we realize. The personal has become the public and the boundaries of sharing just keep on growing. Social media was intended to strengthen our relationships, […]

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How To Write About Pain On The Internet

First off, take yourself seriously.

 Writing personal essays isn’t easy. We get called shallow for navel-gazing and all that, but it’s actually one of the hardest things in the world to do; to make thousands […]