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It’s Not Modern Dating’s Fault, It’s Ours

First of all, can everyone just not with the articles about modern dating being a shit-show? Although oftentimes true, I get it, it’s not the way it once was, just like lots of things aren’t […]

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#Buttstuff2016: A Comprehensive Guide of Everything Not to Do

#Buttstuff2016: A Comprehensive Guide of Everything Not to Do Let’s get started, shall we? 1. Shame your partner The first step to familiarizing yourself with the b-hole is to make your partner feel like total shit […]

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I Can’t Bring Myself To Have “No Regrets”

As much as I would like to look back on the crazier nights of my college years, laugh and proclaim, “No regrets,” sometimes I just can’t bring myself to that testament. Contrary to popular belief, […]

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Social Media You V. The Real You

Scrolling through the comments on my Instagram, I smile at the irony behind all the Can I be you’s and the Teach me your ways’s and even the one worded jealous’s. Those loyal followers wouldn’t […]