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The First Ever New York Baltic Film Festival Debuts This Week

New York film lovers are in for a treat this weekend. The first ever New York Baltic Film Festival debuts on Thursday, October 18 at Scandinavia House. 18 films will be screened over a four-day […]

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Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom: You Can Clone Dinosaurs But Not A Good Movie

For the sake of transparency, I’ll start this off by admitting that I really, really didn’t like the first Jurassic World. It ranks up there with Prometheus and Gigli as one of the worst movies I’ve seen. But, because I needed […]

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SVCRED: Streetwear that transcends the material

Meet Thomas Clayton, founder and designer of SVCRED: a clothing line designed with all genders in mind. Inspired by art, photography and the true heart of EDM. “I like the idea of people as billboards […]

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A Project Is Never Really Done: Anne Leibovitz’s Latest Work

Annie Leibovitz is considered by many to be one of America’s greatest portrait photographers. Her name brings to mind iconic images that have helped define contemporary celebrity portraiture: the provocative and thoughtful picture of John […]

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A Review of “The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo” by a Girl with an Ass Tattoo

Being an unapologetic, slightly offensive and loud female is often characterized as the quirky best friend in any movie or TV show. However, Amy Schumer has taken these qualities, wrapped them up in an explosive […]

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Beyonce’s Lemonade Isn’t Fresh

On April 23, Beyoncé dropped her highly anticipated visual album called “Lemonade,” causing the internet to officially go insane. The album, which she had assumingly been working on since September 2015, contains a number of […]

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Read by Famous

On a recent trip to Asheville, NC, a beautiful bookstore stole my heart. Amidst the sprawling bookcases and postcard racks, two shelves in a corner were dedicated to “Blind Date Books.” The books were wrapped […]

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Top 10 Movies on Netflix Right Now

With award season officially over, you’re probably done binge watching the nominees and are completely over all the buzz the films have created. If you’re like me, you’re already excited for what 2016 is bringing […]

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Model Caralyn Mirand Talks Body Image

We recently interviewed Caralyn Mirand, a plus-size model and entrepreneur, who embodies the Inkredibly lifestyle with her successful image consulting business in Buffalo, NY. Below are her answers to questions about modeling, image consulting, and […]

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Paintings Come to Life: Misty Copeland Channels Edward Degas I have admired Misty Copeland’s dancing since I first saw her perform in a Prince concert. I remember thinking “this girl is going to make it big.” And she did. She still is – […]