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Paintings Come to Life: Misty Copeland Channels Edward Degas I have admired Misty Copeland’s dancing since I first saw her perform in a Prince concert. I remember thinking “this girl is going to make it big.” And she did. She still is – […]

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An Unromantic Time at the Movies

February 14 is just a day on the calendar to some, but to most it’s Valentine’s Day. You know, the day Hallmark invented to sell hundreds of thousands of cards that all take too long […]

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Why See-Now Buy-Now High End Collections Are Important

Fashion week is the clog in the moving gears of the world of style. It makes everyone pause to see what exactly will change what people are wearing and how they’re wearing it. During the […]

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How To Get Ready For a Date According to Women’s Magazines

It’s chocolate season, Valentines! As the most anticipated holiday approaches, it’s totally natural to feel some nerves. Whether you are going on your first date or fifty-third, Valentine’s Day comes with a lot of pressure. […]

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Does Leonardo DiCaprio Really Deserve An Oscar This Year?

Oh, the poor guy! By now, Leonardo DiCaprio is beyond a household name; he’s an acting icon. Surely, young actors and even future icons will look up to and take inspiration from the 41 year […]