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#Buttstuff2016: A Comprehensive Guide of Everything Not to Do

#Buttstuff2016: A Comprehensive Guide of Everything Not to Do Let’s get started, shall we? 1. Shame your partner The first step to familiarizing yourself with the b-hole is to make your partner feel like total shit […]

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Dear Ideal Conceal Smartphone Gun

Dear Hiring Manager at Ideal Conceal, I recently came across the news of your exciting new smartphone gun and immediately knew that it was time to switch-up my career goals. This product clearly displays your […]

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I Survived the Greyhound Bus

Upon telling my friends and family I was planning on riding the Greyhound bus alone to my spring break destination I received serious warnings and distressed looks. The Greyhound has a bad rap, as I soon […]

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Why I Hate Kanye West (And You Should, Too!)

Everyone has different opinions on rapper Kanye West, which is totally warranted. Many people enjoy his music, many people think he’s funny, many people think he’s a good fashion designer. However, what he has going […]