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In the Aftermath of Orlando’s Tragedy, Blame is Not the Solution

In the wake of the devastating tragedy in Orlando on June 12th, the debate over gun sovereignty has flared up once again, begging the question, whose fault is it? The U.S is no stranger to […]

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Dumbin’ it Down for The Donald

Over the course of 2016’s presidential campaign, many have been unable to bring themselves to take Trump seriously, even as he takes the caucus cakes in consecutive states. There have been many jokes circulating in […]

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The Future of Poverty and Homelessness: Tiny Houses for LA

Always the first few lines of boxes, or the top left hand corner of the mandatory cover letter: name, phone number, permanent address. Answers so many take as a given, the tedious essentials, simply mere […]

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Why the College Education System Fails Its Students

Although I have learned a lot in my journalism classes, I still don’t feel fully “prepared” to produce work that my future company and I can be proud of. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve gained […]