Chipotle Your Heart Out

In the last 8 months I have become a faithful follower in the craze that is Chipotle. I credit my friends to my Chipotle addiction. I honestly didn’t notice when the E. coli scare started for Chipotle, but I know it ended recently. I also know that I was not going to let the threat of a little food poisoning stop me from eating my beloved Chipotle.

I wasn’t always on the Chipotle train. When I first heard about it, I thought it was just another Taco Bell. I didn’t like Taco Bell and I assumed I wouldn’t like this place. It was full of weird hipsters and I would not be another sheep following some trend! I avoided it for an embarrassing amount of time and now I look back and think about all the time I wasted not eating happiness in a burrito bowl.

When my friends started boycotting Chipotle I started doing a little research. The first noted case of E. coli that I found online was in Seattle in July of 2015 it then spread east and by October of 2015 California, Oregon, Illinois, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Maryland reported cases of Chipotle related E. coli. Quite a few people got sick and I remember people posting articles on Facebook about the outbreak and vowing to never eat at Chipotle again.

Though I felt bad for the people that got sick, secretly, I was okay with it because this meant shorter lines for me! Does that make me a bad person? Maybe. Do I care? No. People would rant about the evils of Chipotle and their contaminated food, but I couldn’t hear them over the sound of my burrito bowl happiness.

What happened to loyalty? So a few people somewhere got sick? Does that mean you should avoid the entire chain? I think not. I believe in my local Chipotle. I trust those college kids to cook everything to the right temperature and not get me sick. I trust that the chain uses high quality ingredients. It may be easier for me to trust in my local Chipotle because none of the cases were in Florida, where I live. I firmly believe if I was still living in Maryland I would still eat Chipotle as often as I eat it now.

I would sacrifice a little food poisoning for the happiness that Chipotle brings me. I say this because Chipotle is fast, reliable, and delicious. Would you rather have a greasy burger from McDonalds, or worse, anything labeled “meat” from Taco Bell? I think not. Maybe it is what I eat, but when I eat Chipotle I don’t feel disgusting. I know that their ingredients are fresh. I know the tomatoes haven’t been sitting around for days. Can you say the same for the ingredients at other fast food chains?

What’s life without a little risk? I say go out there, take chances, and eat Chipotle! If not, stay out of my way because nothing is getting between me and my Chipotle burrito bowl.

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