Colorblindness: A Racist Ideology

Colorblindness Racist Ideology

To say the racial tension in the past year was anything but ever present in American society would be an understatement. So it should come to no surprise that people have tried to find solutions for the said tension problem. Sadly, being how obsessed with instant gratification obsessed that America is, it shouldn’t be a shock that these are rather quick solutions, with no positive long term results. One being the notion to just ignore race. 

While in theory this would seem to be a great idea, especially since race is just a social construct, it doesn’t seem to work at all. Biologically, there is no difference between a human that identifies as ‘white’ versus one who identifies as ‘black’. However, in spite of the fact that it is a social construct, with no biological backing, one cannot simply ignore the role race has played in constructing what is today’s society. I could go into detail about this role, but that would more than likely bore you and that is what accurate history books are for. The idea of race has impacted human life around the world.

Being colorblind will not end racism. If you choose this tactic you are, in fact, refusing to acknowledge the system of race and ideologies based on race. These, in turn, make it uneasy for certain ‘races to live the same quality of life as others. Being colorblind to race makes you blind to racism as well. As much as we like to have hoped that racism was a thing in the past, it is still very prevalent throughout the world.

Being colorblind allows one to ignore the harsh reality of racism that people face today, and if you cannot even recognize the racial issues at hand, how will we as a society ever get rid of racism? This is exactly why we must recognize race, for now at least, though hopefully in the future it will be a thing in the past. Something the generations to come will look at as a learning lesson, but this generation must not only muster the courage to see the problem but also be brave enough to end this social construct and all its harmful effects.

What we can do is acknowledge that, yes we are all humans, we all should be equal, but race is ever present. The influence of race on our society is something that you cannot ignore if you would like to see racism end in America. We must recognize that certain systems in the United States of America benefit some while it punishes others, and when it comes down to the question of why, race is one of the deciding factors and we must not ignore this. What we must do is come together, stand united and stand up for those whose voice continue to be silenced. We must show that we will be relentless in our efforts to end the oppression of minority races in this country. As a united front, through our uniform efforts, we can all prove that all races truly are equal.


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