Confession Fridays: Why I Don’t Drink Anymore

So, I’ve had a pretty shitty wrap-sheet when it came to alcohol, and a short while ago I came to the decision that I am not going to involve myself with it anymore. Below are my reasons for doing exactly that. Here is my confession.


Things I’ve done under the influence and their results:

  • Drink alcohol mixed with a sleeping medication, resulting in hospitalization.
  • Drink a large amount of 180 proof vodka at once, then drink more.
  • Steal somebody’s bike as a result of being drunk.
  • Contemplate suicide.
  • Try to commit suicide.
  • Run away from home multiple times, only to go get drunk and surround myself with friends who will make me forget about my problems.
  • Say rude things to friends and family due to being drunk with unresolved issues.
  • Throw things at people, showing a blatant disregard to manners and impulse control due to being drunk.
  • Blur my lines on love and morality, resulting in lower general positivity and wellbeing.
  • Fueling a weak, immature “fuck it” attitude, as well as self-loathing and incompetence.
  • Giving up on my real goals and morals; becoming another typical conniving New York City young adult with no real goals or dreams in life; only focusing on superficiality and quick fixes while using alcohol and ignorance to fall back on during hard times.
  • Loss of respect towards others in general.


When you look at things from outside of yourself and take the time to view this for what it really is, drinking is not cool. It does not give you social status. Instead, it is something that displays a person’s dependency and impulse control issues. It is something that eventually gets in the way of the things that matter. It is something that hinders the process to you reaching your individual goals and emotional stability. It is something that never leads to anything positive, no matter how well you try to rationalize with it.


It is something that most young people go through while they are “finding themselves”, which in reality only means that they are too scared to grow up and face real problems because they are only going to “be young once”, which is basically a bullshit excuse for people not to take real responsibility with their emotions and personal situations.

The author of this article preferred to remain anonymous.