7 Crazy Craigslist Jobs A Millennial Would Find in May 2018

What A Millennial Looking for a Job in NYC on Craigslist will find on May 2, 2018

  1. Never thought you could tell my feet were Asian
  2. This is classic by now
  3. Some generous free internship of course 
  4. Do you LOVE coconuts? 
  5. Are you unspeakably childish and sexy? Then you can get paid in tips!
  6. Help our company hide just how white we are. Pay TBD: depending on how diverse you are
  7. Do you work out in a gym that celebrates…cultural appropriation? Then this is for you

Dear baby-boomers, please tell me how I can eat my avocados with such opportunities!

By Laura Auk

History PhD Student

Laura Auketayeva