Educate Yourself

Another article written by another faceless person on the Internet about the controversial argument over who’s right, who’s wrong, what lives matter and whether cops are the victims or the enemy. However, you will be disappointed if you’re reading this in hopes of either a) finding an article you can passive aggressively share on Facebook, or, b) hoping that I disagree with you so you can comment and tell me why I’m an evil person who doesn’t deserve a computer and explain why your opinion is obviously the only right one.

Yes I am an aspiring journalist and I should feel comfortable typing out where I stand on the most violent debate between Americans. But I don’t owe any publication my personal standpoint, I only owe reporting the facts of certain events. That being said, I’m not gonna riddle you the events in Dallas or the one involving the death of Alton Sterling. You know what happened and if you don’t you need to get out more. This article isn’t targeting the police or black men, but more so targeting all the people that think spouting incorrect facts on social media makes them an activist.

I’m not going to tell you where I stand on Alton Sterling or my opinion on bad cop, good cop. It’s like when girls try to talk about football and are suddenly peppered with questions like “Oh yeah? What year did the quarterback have the flu during the National Championship? What coach cheated on his wife?” As a white, 20 year old girl, everything I say about the recent events will be inspected, fact checked and twisted out of context. If my views stray from someone’s I risk being called racist when in fact my opinion is on the direct opposite spectrum. I will be radically categorized and stereotyped if I voice that I believe black and blue and white and brown and even Donald Trump’s lives matter. That’s honestly not worth the headache, so I’ll save the political argument for Thanksgiving dinner with my family.

This article isn’t about what I think, it’s more so my problem with my social media feed being filled with ignorant statuses from every color and occupation. It’s not the individual opinions that irritate me, it’s the lack of intelligence and false facts some boy that failed my high school civics class is stating. It’s the random girl I worked with in high school posting inaccurate numbers of people killed by the police. Have an opinion, but don’t insult the people that have actually died wrongfully or instigate the anger towards our policemen with fake statistics. There is plenty of bad in this country right now without having to add numbers or exaggerate the already pretty terrible truth.

I doubt you’ve done your research and I know you’re not a well informed activist; you’re just a grandma that should get back on Farmville instead of using Facebook as propaganda. Don’t be a source of information unless you are properly educated and not just regurgitating hashtags, copy-pasting from odyssey articles, or just immediately attacking any group because most of your social media feed chose to disagree with them.

Educate yourself beyond the same news channel your parents watch and research what the hell it is you’re spouting off about on the same platform you subtweet your ex & post drunk selfies on. This is a serious problem, treat it like something more than a 140 character tweet. Don’t make yourself and, more importantly, the situation a joke by fueling your rant with inaccurate facts. Educate yourself so when someone of any race attacks your opinion (and they will, someone will always feel the need to tell you why you’re wrong and they’re right), you can defend your stance with facts.