Enough is Enough

Here we go again, just a few weeks ago the country witnessed yet again another school shooting. This time in Parkland, Florida, a school located in a community thought to be one of the safest in the state. As you are probably are aware more innocent lives were lost to gun violence that day. How is it that so many of us keep saying that this can’t be the new normal, yet it seems like it is. It’s devastating that this keeps happening as if there aren’t actions that can be implemented to put an end to America’s school shooting problem.

First and foremost, blaming this issue solely on mental illness. Yes, we must acknowledge that every school shooter suffers from some form of mental illness. However, while mental illness may play a part, there are many other significant contributing factors. Placing the blame on mental illness is insulting to those who suffer, daily, from various mental illnesses. People who would never commit this kind of heinous of an inhuman act.

Thoughts and prayers are helpful and kind to the victims’ families. Though thoughts can not bring justice to those who are grieving the loss of their children and loved ones, there needs to be concrete action put in place to end this American violence. Thankfully, Trump did make bump stocks illegal. Military-style weapons need to be sold less and those looking to purchase should be screened. The “average Joe” does not need assault weapons to keep his family safe. Nobody is trying to take guns away but there needs to be more protection.

The young people who survived the attack have been incredibly brave and strong when interviewed. They have advocated, like many, for this kind of violence to stop. Speaking so eloquently when sharing their views, they are not backing down anytime soon nor should we back down. These survivors have gone to Florida’s capital to advocate for change to be made, many need to follow in their footsteps.

These young survivors are all the evidence you’d think one would need to take action. Every one of us needs to contact our lawmakers and legislators to put gun laws in place. Again, no one wants to take away guns but there have to be legal measures taken to prevent these kinds of massacres in the future. Every American needs to speak up, the future of our children depend on it.

Finally, we need to live our lives “as usual.” It’s okay to be afraid, but we need to live our lives despite our fear. Letting fear control our lives will only allow those who commit these crimes to win.With that said, we need to learn to live like there’s no tomorrow because tomorrow is never guaranteed. Hug and cherish your family, let them know they are loved. Do the things you love here and now before it’s too late.


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