Ex Etiquette

Exes are like ghosts. They stick around after tragedy and haunt you and the ones you love. Don’t make contact with them. You will open a door to a place where you should have never been. The best thing to do is give them closure so that they can move on to a better place. But sometimes these forces are aggressive and will rest at nothing.

1. You don’t need to be friends with your ex. Especially if you have found someone new. This doesn’t mean be arch-enemies, it just means that when it’s done, it’s done. If you guys want to continue to be around each other, you might as well just stay together. Plus if you stay friends with them, there is a big chance that you’re just gonna end up hooking up with them. #awkward.

2. Always end things properly so that you both have closure. If you do this, there will be no need for either of you to make unnecessary contact after the break up. We’ve all put an ex in a position where they felt the need to reach out to you years after a break up to ask why; we have all been in that position also. #closure.

3. Don’t be afraid to let your current boyfriend or girlfriend know about you exes! Not on the first date, but in the beginning of dating. The worst possible feeling is when you’re deep into dating someone and they haven’t brought up an ex once. You know they have an ex they are not telling you about. Why is she/he such a secret? Do they still have feelings for them? Are they still talking? #jumpingtoconclusions.

4. If you are being harassed by your ex, do not entertain it. Just block them; don’t waste your time. Sometimes exes can be bitter and mean and their only goal in life  is to make you upset. Just ignore it. Chances are that they still like you and don’t want you to be happy unless you are with them. Possessive people like this are not only annoying and pathetic, they can actually be very dangerous. #psycho.

5. DO NOT try to befriend your ex’s new boyfriend or girlfriend. You WILL look crazy. We hear about this all the time. #meddling


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