General Election 2016: Candidate Health Watch?

As we swing into another realm of the 2016 general election season, this past weekend was devoted to analyzing and justifying each of the candidate’s health concerns and overall health claims.

There was a time when it was considered silly and ridiculous to think that health could be a major factor in an election. Nowadays, it is almost impossible to slide past it with all that has been going on. The recent upswing in the concern dealing with candidate health has come after Hillary Clinton was witnessed leaving a September 11th memorial event early. She was then seen stumbling toward her van later that day.

As of September 12th, Clinton’s campaign has announced that she has been diagnosed with pneumonia and is now being treated with antibiotics. It hasn’t been seen as a major issue of concern.

Interestingly and in contrast to Clinton’s current health problems, Donald Trump has proclaimed that he has decided to, as of this week, release details about a recent physical he took last week concerning his health. Trump plans to dramatically release these health documents and numbers specifically while he appears on the Dr. Oz show on Thursday. It’s not a coincidence to say the least.

This year, each presidential candidate’s health has come into question due to their elevated ages. It is not uncommon for candidates to take periodic rests due to spurious illnesses like the common cold during election cycles previously. However, it is interesting to see how the two candidates are responding to one another’s health concerns during this very crucial month in the election cycle.

Contrary to Trump’s usual brash approach, Trump has expressed that he hopes Clinton gets better and that she is able to hurry back to the campaign trail. Meanwhile, Clinton has yet to respond to Trump’s claims about his impending physical numbers and his overall previous claim of being “the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency” as he has deemed himself previously.

These recent claims are just another episode in the general election cycle which has had many ups and downs for both candidates. Many are saying that it is the controversy of this general election cycle that is taking a certain toll on both candidates. In history, other notable candidates that hid their illnesses while on the campaign trail included JFK and FDR. It is not uncommon on any level of the political arena to see the stresses caused by the mere job of being a figure in political office.

All eyes are now on Monday, September 26th. This is the date for the first presidential debate. This debate is going to be a crucial turning point in the general election cycle. The bottom line is that both candidates need to be on top of their games, especially for this first debate. And hopefully, Clinton’s health concerns will improve in order for the media to begin focusing on what really matters: how these candidates are going to lead our country.

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