Growing Up a Millennial in the New Millennium: Part 1

Millennials, a generation of people born from 1981 till now. The word we’ve heard countless times is slightly misleading due to the fact that millennials born in the early 80’s had already entered adulthood by the year 2000. I was 7 when the year 2000 officially kicked off. If you are reading this, there is a good chance you’re in the same boat. As part of the 2015 Young 20 Something Club, lets look back at what we experienced, what made us different, and what kind of ruined us.

Heelys: Roller Blade Shoes

Heelys debuted in the year 2000 but didn’t really have a huge presence until 2002. These shoes were the Jordans of children’s footwear. They were essentially shoes with detachable wheels on the bottom. Kids were zipping around the halls at school, at shopping malls, and straight into the ground. I distinctly remember wanting a pair of these until I saw an influx of kids at school with leg and arm casts.

Pokemon: Evil Japanese Mind Control Device

The iconic video games; the TV show; the movie; the collectables. By the end of the 20th century, PokeMania was being considered for inclusion into the DSM. It was everywhere, and I was a big PokeFreak. I recorded the PokeRap onto VHS and memorized it word for word. It scored me some major cool points on the playground. Some churches, however, decided that a Japanese cartoon was demonic. After that, many Christian families ripped their kids away from Pikachu and Pals. If you weren’t part of a church going family and actually got to keep your Pokemon stuff, just know you’re one lucky so-and-so. And I truly hope your possession is going fine.

Broadband Internet

Everyone remembers dial-up internet, the slow wait of loading a page, the patience it took to actually use it, and screaming, “Don’t use the phone!” at your loved ones. It was a beautiful mess. The evolution of the internet called for faster methods to access the web. In the 2000’s dial-up routers were replaced with broadband routers and then, as things became more developed, WIFI was born, and then we never left the house again.

The Return of Slim Fit Jeans

The 90’s were full of spiky hair, a lot of white, bleached hair, and baggy jeans. JNCO was actually cool. The 2000’s brought the punk era of clothes back with a vengeance. Hammer pants were no longer cool and jeans were so tight you had to suck your gut in to fit into them. While the punk theme was continuing in stores like Hot Topic, a Southern California theme was also budding with stores opening such as PacSun and Hollister, wherein you could walk by a dozen preteen bros rocking shark teeth necklace reeking of overpriced perfume.

The Next Era of Apple

In 2001, Apple announced its entrance into the mobile device market with its iPod. No more CD Players to carry around in your pockets. All of your favorite music in the palm of your hand. While the iPod was dominating the mobile market, other companies tried to cash in by making cheap Mp3 players. One notable competitor was Zune. It was shortly destroyed by Apple but, good try, you probably made mom proud.

To be continued…