Growing Up a Millennial in The New Millennium, Part 2.

This is part two of living as a millennial in the new millennium. This article is dedicated to the people who grew up in the new millennium, the era where baggy pants were gone and slimfit jeans returned, emo culture became real, and Brittany Spears shaved her head. Boy, we experienced some pretty unique things eh? Or is it just the pop culture circle of life?

2000-2009: The Return of Comic Book Culture

In the 80’s and 90’s comic books were for the nerds. The glasses wearing, slightly overweight, acne faced nerds. In the 2000’s, however, that changed. Comic book movie adaptions started soaring at the box office with movies like Spider-Man and Batman Begins igniting the fire. We also got the Incredible Hulk, DareDevil, a slew of X-Men movies, and a Fantastic 4 reboot. Comic book heroes were no longer for the nerds and they were OK for your girlfriend, too. Of course, after every movie, merchandise went along with it. You couldn’t walk around on Halloween without seeing fifteen kids in a Toby McGuire era Spider-Man costume, or a kid with those giant styrofoam Hulk hands.

Avatar and The Birth of Real 3D

While comic book movies began to soar, so did the birth of real 3D movies. No longer were we to bring out the red and blue lensed glasses. This was 3D that called for a completely new type of 3D technology. The first movie that featured this new 3D in theaters was of course, James Cameron’s Avatar. Not only did it blow the doors off of the box office, it blew our minds. And plenty of movies took that interesting idea and did amazing things with it after Avatar, like Pixar’s Up. Theaters also charged quite a bit more for watching a movie with plastic glasses, some film prices going as high as fifteen dollars. A bit steep if it was a crappy movie.

The Inauguration of the 44th president, Barack Obama

In January 2008 the United States would greet the 44th, and first black President that would ever take the position of Commander in Chief. It set milestones for racial equality and the realization that anyone regardless of skin color, is capable of anything they set their minds to. This also led to naysayers and people who weren’t particularly fond of Mr. President starting to dig around, trying to prove that he wasn’t an American born president. Love him or hate him, you can’t deny that he made history.

Froyo: the beginning of Ice Cream’s Downslide

In the mid-2000’s, frozen yogurt, or froyo, had became a smash hit with pre-teens and soccer moms. Nobody could resist. It was healthier, the topping bars were more extensive and included Cheerios, fresh fruit, and chocolate chips. The froyo scene also scored customers with their exotic flavors, like Purple Taro Potato. We aren’t really sure why it gained popularity, but we are glad it’s here to stay. The ice cream business wasn’t too worried, though. Froyo finally wore its welcome and people finally went back to their normal lives. For a time though, it was THE spot to go to, to check up on the latest gossip from high school.
These were just a few of the things made in the 2000’s what it was. Stick around, I’m not finished exploring our generation. We haven’t even scratched the surface. You think I forgot about Jersey Shore,Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction or Lil’ Wayne? Think again.

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