Hey, Girl

Every girl’s Facebook experience includes an abundance of egotistical online Casanovas, and the truth is WE CAN’T STAND THEM. You know who I’m talking about. Those guys that send friend requests to every girl suggested to them by Facebook, “like” five of their most recent profile pictures, and occasionally hit them with an annoying “poke.” His profile picture is probably a mirror selfie, a new pair of Jordan’s, or a picture of his bitchin’ ride. It is very easy to point him out because all twenty-five of the statuses he posted within the last six hours look something like, “bored, text me 555-5555 ;),” “Leave snapchat names here vvv,” or “like this status for a rate.” Every week they are “married” to a new dim-witted insecure teen girl because they just love each other’s swag.

The absolute worst is when they message you with the copied and pasted line, “Hey, did we go to school together?” Either they know damn well that you went to school together because you guys were on the same bus, or they know damn well you didn’t go to school together because you have zero mutual friends.
Facebook Casanovas, why do you do the things you do? It’s embarrassing and desperate and you are only playing yourselves. Please do everyone a favor and get a proper haircut, throw away the wife beaters, and brush up on your English. Otherwise delete your accounts. Although it is funny to visit your page once a week, it’s ultimately kind of sad and extremely creepy.
Melissa Stokes

Melissa Stokes

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