Is Korean Reunification Possible?

After a year or so Hiatus, your North Korean obsessed writer is back, And he is still perplexed by the Olympics. The PyeongChang Olympics went absolutely beautifully and is the most historically important Olympic Games the world has seen in quite some time. So important, that for the first time in a long time, the world is starting to feel like Unification could be possible.

North and South Koreans were walking alongside each other during the opening ceremony, Seoul opening its arms and embracing a delegation coming straight from Pyongyang, and A mixed North and South Female Hockey Team among other seemingly optimistic events that took place. All of this lovely comradery makes me wonder, is this for real, or is this just a way for Kim Jong Un to ease a little pressure after getting too worked up against President Trump.

The first thing we have to do is rewind back to the time Trump and Un had poked at each other like they were two kids fighting in a sandbox, except you know, with Nuclear Bombs and an Army at their disposal. If you told me that Kim Jong Un happily invited President Moon and Co. to Pyongyang to have peaceful talks a few months ago, I would think you took one too many crazy pills, But it happened and that’s a huge gesture coming from Kim Jong Un.

Can you imagine that? He was so pleased with the way his delegates, athletes, and press officials were treated during their stay in PyeongChang that he is finally open to possible talks. With Progressive President Moon at the helm of the Southern part of the peninsula, Unification is higher up on the to-do list with less violent threats and more calm negotiations.

On the final day of the North’s visit to PyeongChang, a historic luncheon was held with President Moon sitting across from Kim Yo Jong. The talk of those what if’s make me pretty skeptical, I can’t tell if the North is totally sincere​ or was finally forced to play ball after the latest round of UN economic sanctions placed upon them. My guess would be the latter, as far as Kim Jong Un is concerned, but as for the actual delegation who went to Seoul, maybe they do want actual reunification. It’s no secret that the latest rounds of trade sanctions against North Korea has Kim Jong Un in so much of a pickle that he might have no choice but to play ball.

So, though months later I still have to ask what if reunification happens? Will it play out like East and West Germany and let the wall between them crumble, or will it be more like Mainland China and Hong Kong where one is Communist controlled and the other is a democratic autonomous region. President Moon himself said that cooperation between PyongYang and Washington would have to be more positive moving forward. The Trump Administration has been very stern on it’s “denuclearization must be on the negotiating table” condition towards North Korean peace talks. While Kim Jong Un was vehemently refusing, he is seemingly having a public change of opinion. Photos and videos of him smiling and shaking hands with the South Korean delegation is a bit confusing. If these peace talks move forward, Kim Jong Un would definitely have to turn down the Anti-US and South Korean rhetoric that is publicly displayed across his country as well as have more professional outward opinions towards the south and US.

Let’s fast forward to a future to where the Armistice is gone and the Peace Treaty is finally signed. The two countries are no longer at war and have reunified highways with the Train station at the southern part of the border of Panmunjom up and running with trains going straight to PyongYang. I predict that the North will begin with small market reforms with investment pouring in from South Korean investors, Sanctions will slowly and surely be lifted with the Black Market tactics of the North Korean government being dialed back a bit. Obviously the biggest struggle would be both the culture of the South and the

North making a bit of a compromise, with the South being big on fashion, catchy pop music and the technology of tomorrow while the North has their main focuses on Songun Politics and War time preparation. I imagine a ton of complications during the first 50 years of the supposed reunification.

Even with a proposed system to keep them reunified but separate, with separate governments, currency and ways of life (Much like Hongkong and China), either eventually breaking out into a Korean War sequel or a totally paranoid peninsula with the US pulling the strings of the south and China pulling the strings of the north. As hopeful as these meetings are recently, I just can’t see a total reunification ever happening. While the hearts of the Korean people remain one, the peninsula will forever be divided by tons of landmines and separate ideology.

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