It’s a Joke, Right?… Right?

His is a face that incites concern in the viewer. He’s the human version of Scrooge McDuck, except with terrible statements to make. Donald Trumps riches and fame lead him to believe he can say anything that pops into his head. This is not what we need in a president. Generation Z has enough entitlement to go around.

The Trump Campaign, although it appears to be quite real and stunningly effective, is at once hilarious and altogether frightening. The man known to most as a caricature of himself, appearing on reality TV and billionaire lists, is currently number one in the 2016 presidential polls, bringing unprecedented numbers of people to his rallies nationwide. The rallies make sense; he is first and foremost a celebrity, so who wouldnt want the opportunity to see him live? The polls, however, are most alarming. Would people actually want such a man leading our country?

Donald Trump is, according to his daughter, the opposite of politically correct.This is clear by the comments and actions less than a month into his campaign: stereotyping Mexican immigrants as rapists, giving out the number of fellow candidate Lindsey Graham, and insulting McCain for being a prisoner of war. Is this the type of person that we need as the President of the United States?

In the end, his political views and goals are not all that different from the other Republican Candidates. But his personal views, especially those about non-whites and women, are disgusting. Furthermore, Donald J. Trump is a bully. Across the internet, from Perez Hilton to Salon, journalists are compiling lists of all of the enemies that Trump has made since his announcement to run: Neil Young, NBC, Bill Maher, many people affiliated with Miss Universe, Cher, and numerous renowned journalists and reporters.

Trump is more interested in flexing Americas muscles than he is in anything else. For him and his many followers, Americas greatness lies not in the people, but in the strength of her army and the ability to out-produce countries such as China and Japan. It is about only accepting those people that Trump personally deems as non-losers so that America is no longer, a dumping ground for other peoples problems.But this elitism is not what has made America great, and it is not what America was built on.

The United States needs a president who can mollify other countries and make allies, not a man who makes an enemy everywhere that he turns. We need a president with at least some skills in anger management, not a man who gets upset and does petty things like giving out personal numbers. Calling someone else a loser is not a defense. You dont have to like everyone, but that doesn’t make you superior.

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