It’s A Miracle We Ever Met

In an observing mood this weekend, I did a lot of people-watching in the coffee shop where I holed up Saturday afternoon. It was a rainy, cloudy, stay-in-and-eat-toast sort of day. I happened upon the print the night before when reading about the artist Hallie Bateman in the New Yorker. I love her down-to-earth, sometimes quirky, and always thought-invoking illustrations, but it was this drawing in particular that resonated with me. The block letters – IT’S A MIRACLE WE EVER MET –centered between different coloured lines that never quite cross, each person unique in their individual paths, came back to me as I sat and wondered about the people around me. I considered the possibilities and impossibilities of meeting friends and lovers, the ones who will stay, and the ones who will break your heart by leaving.

The relationships in our lives may have happened fairly arbitrarily. I met one of my now dearest friends because our paths crossed in happenstance – we both had made last minute plans to travel to the same city, on the same weekend, and that morning, joined the same walking tour. But is it such a “miracle” that we ever met? Maybe it is, and maybe it isn’t. Fate is a whole different topic for another day. All I know is that I am grateful for the friends that I have in my life now, and excited to think that maybe around the corner, a new friendship is waiting to be made. Someday, I would like to look back and say: I sure am glad to have met you, and I hope you’re here to stay.

Image Link: It’s A Miracle We Ever Met