Kardashian’s Obsession

Kardashian Obsession

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? Well, seeing as how the mirror can’t reply, despite what Disney wants us to believe, we have to post selfies on social media in hopes that the number of triple digit likes will answer this very question. It has been argued that selfies are good for the soul and that we should celebrate self-confidence, rather than scorn it. On the other hand, selfies have been deemed vain and egotistical. However, regardless where you fall on either spectrum, we can all agree that Kim Kardashian is one avid selfie taker.

I don’t find myself battling inner turmoil over whether I hate that girl on my Instagram feed who just posted a cleavage baring selfie. From time to time, when I can catch the lighting just right, eliminating my freckles and enhancing my contour, even I will play the risky card and post a selfie. But I do find myself disturbed, disgusted, and a little amused, by Kim Kardashian’s never ending stream of naked pictures she posts.

This morning Mrs. Kanye West faced the common female problem of coming up short on what to wear for the day. We’ve all been there, standing in our walk-in closet, frustrated by our racks of shoes and multiples of the same shirt while our husband, who happens to also design clothes, waits impatiently. LOL

Obviously, most of us didn’t relate when Kim posted a very naked picture on Twitter with a caption about having nothing to wear. And she’s not fooling anybody. That tweet had less to do with the fact that she couldn’t pick out an outfit, and more so with her consistent grasp for attention. Before I’m written off as a slut shamer or you think I’m insulting the female body, think about Kardashian’s motives. She is using her sexuality and envious figure to secure her status as a sex symbol, not in the spirit of #freeingthenipple or feminism. In a time when people are rightfully hell bent on leveling the playing field, posting a naked picture on the internet should be regarded as ridiculous. Imagine the reaction if her male equivalent, Kanye, posted a naked picture on Twitter.

A year or so ago, another picture went viral. One that she proclaimed broke the internet. A glass resting on her bare bottom made everyone double take at their Instagram feed. It’s a thinly veiled thirst for attention that is fueled by the surface level fulfillment she gets from the world gaping at her body in both envy, dismay, and lust. When Kim feels threatened or forgotten, she strips down and reminds everyone what made her a household name in the first place.

When she feels a void, she’s perfected a carefully crafted art of not so discreetly reminding everyone how we first saw her. She associates fame with leaking private selfies and videos, which is both unfortunate and becoming a bit overdone. Kim, share your nudes on an iCloud with your boyfriend, not your Twitter followers. It’s obnoxious, a lapse of good judgment, and a waste of 140 characters that could’ve been used to remind everyone that Tidal still exists.


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