A Letter To England

Dearest England,

My, oh my, you have had quite a tough year. From the Grenfell Tower fire to multiple terror attacks, my heart breaks at all that you have experienced this year. It is tough to sit here and watch what has happened and what, unfortunately, continues to happen.

As a journalist, I not only write news-centered articles, but I also get to have an increased intake of news. The news can be sad and scary at times and as a human, it wears on me sometimes. I have to take a step back and allow myself time to disconnect from all the negativity.

However, I also get to report on the positive aspects of even the worst incidents. So many people came together following the terror attack at Arianna Grande’s Manchester concert and the Grenfell Tower fire. Such stories of community and giving back gave me hope for our future.

Reporting on ways people are coming together to give back to those affected by tragedy is heartwarming.  Look at how the people of England have done it so many times. I love writing about them to provide a similar sense of hope to those just as tired of sad news as I am.

Scrolling through responses on social media, it wasn’t just England, people around the world were sending love and support. In a world, so divided by politics, hatred, and greed, I am still hopeful that we as humans can put our divisions aside to send love and support those in need but also each other.

I will never stop writing about the good things you do for those who suffer, from songs that benefit burn victims of to money being raised through football games to benefit other victims of the tragedy. Writing about these things gives me hope and allows the good in the world to be known.

I pray that I can, in some way, make a difference to put an end to senseless crime in England and around the world. I vow to live a life of peace and love towards all people. In a world of hate, I promise to do all I can to promote kindness and hope.

England, I, on the behalf of many, apologize for all you have been through this year alone. I pray for comfort and faith and that you will bounce back with the same amount of resilience that I have come to admire in you.

Sincerely with love,


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