Look Out, Hillary, The Capital Region is Feeling The Bern!

A few days ago, in Albany, droves of Upstate New Yorkers hastily lined up outside of the Washington Avenue Armory in support of Senator Bernie Sanders. The presidential candidate from Vermont delivered a speech, hoping to sway voters one week before his vie for the democratic primary April 19th.

Despite the wetter weather, spirits were high with excitement, and anticipation filled the streets as people awaited the arrival of Sanders.

“Yesterday he was Berning up the city, today he’s Berning up Albany, soon he’s gonna be Berning up the country!” said Senator Perkins.

New York has historically been partial to Hillary, a state for which she served as a member of the United States Senate. In 2008, she won more than fifty-seven percent of the vote during her potential presidential candidacy and in this election, according to a poll taken by the Monmonth University Polling Institute, she leads Sanders by 12 points. New York is the coveted prize for both candidates, with a whopping 291 democratic delegates up for grabs. But, it looks as though some of Albany has strong feelings about Bernie.

The aversion to Hillary was clear at the rally, with comments such as, “Hillary wipes back to front” coming from the crowd. Although funny, perhaps we should focus on her policies, rather than slandering her wiping habits. So, be sure to educate yourselves and get your voice out there in the upcoming primary! And we’ll see if Sanders is going to continue Berning it up in the northeast.

On the other side, Republican hopefuls John Kasich and Donald Trump also made appearances in the Capital as well. Kasich at The LaSalle Institute and Saratoga Springs City Center, and Trump at the Times Union Center.