Making Mad Love

When the vibrant and young entrepreneur, Tony stumbled across Mad Love on Etsy, he knew that the work couldn’t be ignored. “I don’t remember when I came across what Angel was doing with Mad Love, but I remember liking it as soon as I saw it. It’s such a classic style. But what really sets it apart from similar styles, in my opinion, is how genuine it is. It really exudes authenticity and good vibes.” The amalgamation of ink and watercolor presented on every article of fabric one might imagine, each piece unique – this was not just clothing, this was art.

Chicago based Angel D’Amico-Bauer, whose work is inspired by nature, the general beauty of life, graffiti, LOVE, and of course, her kitties, is an artist by all definitions. Despite her undeniable talent, D’Amico struggled to find a job after college. Her graphic design degree was great, and her work certainly made her qualified, but potential employers were left wondering if she’d end up bored working for them.

Like anyone, D’Amico experienced the frustration of joblessness, but rather than sit back waiting for opportunity to call her on the phone, she emailed opportunity directly, and started her own website in search of freelance jobs. This was the beginning of her successful artistic career, doing several small jobs before eventually landing a job with YRB magazine.

At the same time, at home waiting for a job to come through, the born artist began to experiment with screen printing, planting the roots for Mad Love Shops. In the beginning she merely gave away the clothing she designed to incredibly lucky friends, but Etsy, which was then just starting up, made selling her designs a real possibility.

Each item of clothing at Mad Love is a one of a kind handmade piece with designs that range from a pattern of scissors to the face of Frida Kahlo who Angel says is inspirational because, “Nothing stood in her way of being an artist.” Ranging from straight black and white to random splatters of vibrant colored emphasis, the work is everything but boring and displays an intricacy rarely seen on graphic tees.

But D’Amico didn’t stop with her success and settle into a single medium. She continued along her DIY path, not only with decorative art and attire, but building practical items such as a trash/recycle cabinet and a light fixture for her home. (All of which can be seen at

Not only does Angel D’Amico create beautiful work that could liven any home or wardrobe, she does all the design for TrueStar Magazine, which works to keep kids and teens in school and off the streets.

Self-made is an exaggeration, but the confidence that D’Amico needed to make her dreams reality came from her mother first, who supported her daughter’s work from a very young age. “My other confidence booster,” says Angel, “is my husband Donnie. He ALWAYS thought I was the coolest thing on earth! I dye my hair pink, he loves it. I wear some crazy pants I bought in Spain, he loves it!” Donnie just saw before, what we all see now. Angel D’Amico-Bauer is an incredibly cool individual.



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