To Manchester:

Prayers For Manchester.

This is dedicated to all those affected by the tragedy in Manchester. A link to donate to the families of the victims is at the bottom of this piece.

Our world experienced the worst humanity has to offer, May 22nd. It was a day evil tried to conquer, hastily stealing the lives of innocent concert-goers. When news broke we sat by our televisions, eyes glued to the screen in dismay. Tears slowly wet many of our faces, for we all knew what was to come. We prepared ourselves for the numbers, prepared as best we could. We prepared and prayed. Prayed the body count was lower than anticipated. Twenty-two bodies, was the number they were reporting. Twenty-two people, many children, who would never return home.Twenty-two families who lost loved ones, people they held closest to their hearts. Twenty-two mothers, women that would soon face the reality of never hearing their child’s voice again. Twenty-two fathers who no longer had a child to protect. Twenty-two innocent fatalities, victims who were wrongfully taken from the word.

To the families,
We ask that you lean on us in these times of mourning, and allow us, the humane citizens of the world, to help in any way possible. Just know the world is behind you, you are not alone. Together we will mourn the loss of those you lost. We feel your pain in our hearts as we grieve their losses. Know that we stand undivided behind you, and that the memories of your loved ones will never fade away. Those who were too young, innocent and kind to have been taken from this world. United we will seek justice for the cowardly actions of an individual backed by evil. Remember good will always conquer evil. We will never forget the victims of this tragedy, their legacies live on through us, through the good we do. Please Know that we are all behind you in love, and will continue to support you. No amount of words could ever describe how truly sorry the world is for your loss.

To the world,
In these times of absolute hatred, it is incredibly easy to lose sight of all that is beautiful in our world. Please do not lose faith. Understand that we are the ones standing in evil’s way, uniting for the greater good will be our greatest weapon. Let’s unite for a better future, one that is void of the injustices we have recently faced. Unite in support for those still fighting for their lives, whether they occupy a hospital bed in Manchester or a home in Syria. Please recognize that we can not begin to understand the pain and outrage felt by families and friends of the victims. Trying to pretend we know what they are feeling is pointless and insensitive, truthfully we have  no idea. However, take the anger and heartache you are feeling and use it. Turn all your anguish and sadness into a positive. From the simplest gesture to helping the grieving families, it all starts with us working together to create a safer world.

To the victims,

Your deaths are the tragic consequences of a world containing far too much hatred. There isn’t any logic that justifies your death. You deserved to live out your lives, yet your deaths now prove more than ever that the world must change. Your journey was heartbreakingly cut short, but your impact will forever remain. You have touched far more lives than you would have ever imagined, and your existence will endure through these calamitous times. You are the catalyst for change, we will change the world for you. We will never witness the great contributions you could have offered. The change you could have made. You will never be forgotten. Never forget you are loved. Your life will continue to be celebrated. You will forever be loved and missed. On May 22nd of 2017, it may seem like evil won the battle, but know love and justice will win the war.

**If you are able, please donate to help the families of Elaine McIver, Courtney Boyle, Philip Tron, Wendy Fawell, Eilidh MacLeod,Sorrell Leczkowski, Georgina Callander, Saffie Rose Roussos, John Atkinson, Olivia Campbell, Alison Howe, Lisa Lees, Jane Tweddle-Taylor, Chloe Rutherford, Liam Curry, Michelle Kiss, Megan Hurley, Angelika Klis, Marcin Klis, Martyn Hett, Nell Jones, Kelly Brewster. Additionally, funding will go to wounded victims of the bombing. Click here to donate
Manchester Emergency Fund

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