Why the Media Is Scared In the Current Political Climate

All right, enough with the silence. Let’s talk about the current emotional meltdown plaguing networks like CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, Politico, and so many more. First, let’s step away from the current political figures. Instead, let’s take a look at the mass media itself, in all of its ‘naked glory.’

‘Naked’ is clearly metaphorical because for the first time EVER, mass media organizations like CNN, and basically any news network that is a part of the ever powerful Time Warner Cable organization, are getting the side-eye from Americans around the country. The media is hurting terribly right now. If the election was a stab wound in the chest, the current state of consistent hatred towards the media is preventing any sort of healing from happening for all these news organizations as they continue to bleed.

Ok, now let’s go over why this is even happening. I think we can safely narrow it down to the Trump administration. Some may say that Trump is restricting the First Amendment; others state that he is trying to pull almost ‘Nazi-like’ restrictions on news media sources. Here is the reality: we are only noticing now how much the media shapes the stories and news pieces we listen to and read. Now that they are suddenly being called out left and right for the sources they report from, and the hidden agendas that even they know they have long been a part of are suddenly coming to light.

I don’t hate the news media or the First Amendment (it does provide me the right to even type this article, after all – I am all for freedom of the press!).  What I am tired of hearing, however, are the annoying little drone anchors that have plopped their positions in Prime Time cable coverage and have been spewing agendas derived from a higher source that influence the way that people around this country have been processing and internalizing their political views and practices.

The Trump administration has put immense pressure on the news media sources and frankly it is targeted. I realize this. But the news media sources are brazen in their actions because for the first time in a long time, the person elected to the Presidency was not directly funded by people from Time Warner Cable or other major media organizations.

Freedom of the press is vastly important. But CNN and all its anchors need to man-up and stop complaining about the current landscape of the political world. If they want the average American to tune back in, they need to start simply reporting the NEWS again and resist complaining and bashing their guests on Live T.V. for not agreeing with them that right now the climate for their networks is difficult.

Maybe what is happening in the media now is more helpful to our country than we initially believe. It is high time for accountability to be raised and for the first time, it seems like mass media might be getting the message that the time for games is over.

Photo Credit: One, Two, Three