The Media and Self-Discredit: Coffee, Anyone?

On this platform, articles have been written regarding the realities that our media faces. Nearly a year since those were written, it is time for a little assessment of the aftermath. A commentary on what is left of media culture as we understand it. First and foremost, people in the United States have never been more engaged in politics as they are right now. Ask anyone who has lived long enough to see at least five presidents walk through the White House office and they’ll tell you, people, for the first time are listening to the news these days.

However, they aren’t listening to the same bleached version of reality in the past they are accustomed to. The American people plop down on their sofas after a long day, turn their TVs on, channel after channel, and realize the bias they are fed.

It’s hilarious to me that you can walk into a dentist’s office and hear the receptionist refer to CNN, not as CNN but, as “anti-Trump news.” Here lies what has happened over the last year, people have woken up and smelled their coffee and realized that without cream or sugar it tastes just as cheap as the price they paid for it on sale.

This is what we have right now: a stale cup of coffee because we cut out the mental creamer and sugar, and all that is left is the truth. The bitter truth.

But aren’t we better off this way?

Are we truly concentrated on the truth?
Or, are we merely trying to make sense of it all, based on media corruption and lobbyist loyalties?

A year on into the Trump presidency and the cultural upheaval of mass media, and we still cannot surely answer any of these questions. We are still hoping that all the stomach acid from the indigestion of that cheap coffee we keep drinking will subside somehow on its own.

Meanwhile, we continue to see CNN bash any aspect of politics leaning right while Fox News praises it, not to mention hundreds of other networks that take the whack-a-mole approach to ideological rhetoric.

Perhaps we should pity the mouthpieces of the media elite; they must be mighty tired from wringing their brains of commonsense as they continue to soak in their self-discredit.

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