More Than A Pretty Face

Appearances are important to many people, trust me I get it. Over and over again people are constantly telling me that I have a pretty face, making it clear their sole focus is on my physical appearance. I do appreciate it, compliments are always nice. However, if someone only likes or dislikes me for my looks, that’s an issue. Friends,  romantic interests, everyone needs to see me for me and look past my appearance to discover who I am on the inside. There are many adjectives I would rather be associated with than “pretty.

Of course, I see myself as an intelligent person, graduating Cum Laude with my Bachelor’s degree in journalism. This Definitely helps and is no coincidence. My success is evidence of my dedication and years of hard work. Whether or not others think I am pretty, had absolutely nothing to do with where I am and how I got here. Therefore anyone who treats me like an idiot is not worthy of my time. If they can’t see it, their loss because there absolutely is substance behind my pretty face.

Those who know me, know I am a loving, kind, and giving woman.  Genuine to everyone I meet, no matter their background. I make it a personal mission to promote equality and give everyone the same respect I expect. We all need to realize that inner beauty is more important than outer beauty because true beauty radiates from the inside out. Possessing qualities that have nothing to do with being a pretty face are far more important to me.

As someone who worked part-time to put myself through school, I’ve missed out on quite a few fun weekends. Yet I don’t regret my hard work and determination, someone had to support my dreams and that someone was me. Working hard lead to me graduating with Latin honors and will help propel me into my career. I am proud of myself for all that I have overcome, completed and my current success. Yes, I am what some would consider a “pretty” face, but I want everyone to know the woman behind the attraction.

Most importantly I hope some girl out there, who is struggling to prove herself, reads this and lets out a sigh of relief. You can scream at the top of the highest mountain and your message will fall on deaf ears if you yourself don’t believe it. You have to know who you are. You have to know the girl behind the perfectly shaped lips, brilliant tresses and the killer smile.

I have come this far along in my life not by being just another pretty face, but being a fiercely independent, hardworking, courageous woman.

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