My Rant About The 2018 Women’s March

“Hey! Ho! Trump has got to go,” hundreds, thousands screamed, hollered and chanted as they Marched this past Saturday in the streets of New York. As someone who is a part of several marginalized groups, I felt it was only appropriate that I march in solidarity, right alongside women who deserve all the rights my gender has granted me. Throughout the March one question kept creeping in my head, “why the hell are we still marching?” Well, Global Citizen states that women still only make 60-75% of the wages of men, for the same career.

It’s been said before, but it’s 2018 why do people still have to protest to receive equality? More specifically why do women have to fight to be paid equally? To be seen as an equal and not an object of male satisfaction. Of course, I know the answer, America has never been great, although our president seems to think we will return to a greatness our country has never achieved. We have never been a country that truly values women. However, we have always been a country that has denied women their rights, silenced their voices and policed their bodies.

Neale Godfrey of the HuffPost, reports, “Four in ten (men) (40%) agree that women like to tease men and then refuse male advances. Three in ten (29%) say grabbing a woman by her genitalia without consent is either not sexual assault or they are not sure. Two-thirds of Republican men (65%) were not upset by Trump’s comments and behavior expressed in the Access Hollywood tape.” Godfrey’s statistics aren’t just numbers she pulled out of nowhere but in fact the results of a survey conducted by PerryUndem, The State Of The Union On Gender Equality, Sexism, And Women’s Rights.

It’s exasperating that multiple social and financial studies wave the proof of inequality in the faces of men and even women, and they simply refuse to acknowledge it. I am a man, I identify as a man, I live my life as a man, but here I am marching because I know my mother, my sister, my friends all deserve equal pay, equal opportunities and the right to not live in constant fear.

I don’t think I will ever be able to completely understand how some men can need so much from women yet give so little but could write on and on about men not caring about women, but I don’t have to. Everyone reading this has already agreed with me or not. If you don’t, just for fun turn your tv on and I bet you’ll see it, scroll through your timeline you’ll see it. Our neighborhoods, our country, our world is saturated in misogyny.

We must all acknowledge the facts and the problems at hand, and fight for equality because the solution the solution is simple. Men have to understand that women are not at their disposal, to control and objectify. Women must continue to March, make your voices be heard from the tallest skyscrapers. I will continue to march, we will continue to march until equality is here for everyone, no matter their age, sexuality, race or their preferred gender. Not always one to be optimistic, I do believe the future is one of hope. Saturday’s march reinforced one thing, the future is female.

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