The New Age Of Media

New Age Media

Not so long ago the media was seen as a beacon of hope, truth, and honesty. The media once struggled to un-veil the harsh realities that envelop our ever-changing world. The very thought of ‘honest’ and ‘hopeful’ media is laughable to Millennials because we were raised knowing that depending on the channel, the message presented shifted perspective. Collectively, the new generation of twenty-something’s have concluded that the truth is hard to find in anything today; and even harder to find in media reporting.

The digression of media is not sudden or unexpected. This downfall has been long in the making and the Internet age catalyzed the downfall. The Internet age allows for a greater collective voice for the doubtful twenty-something’s to the eighty-something’s of our world. Man is finally experiencing open debates for change and there is little that mass media can do about it.

This obvious and stringent aspect of media sustainability has hit mass media harder in the last year than ever before. It seems that any major American election brings with it controversy about media dishonesty. This year, the media saw that highlighting the candidate monetarily supported by their parent companies is not enough to drone out the voice of the American people.

The number of viewers for special election based debates, town halls, and one-on-one interviews this year has been unfathomable. Big media understands the gain that comes with such big ticket live events so it plans these events as often and as many times as they possibly can to get the candidates attention. Recently, as a result of a ratings plunge CNN decided to bring in more right wing commentators to balance their liberal anchors and usual guests. This was somewhat helpful for CNN, but the reality is that without their sponsors and stockholders in Time Warner Cable it would have disappeared as a network years ago. The reality is that people might have at one point tuned-in and made it seem alright to spend twenty-five percent of their viewing time watching ‘Swiffer.’ commercials and one-sided filter reporting but today it seems the people are tired of it.

The larger aspect to the collective ‘Enlightenment’ of the people against the media is also heavily attributed to the sheer amount of discontent that has helped drive most of the hot topic political issues and campaigns within the last four years. People are tired and they show the media how tired they have become by devoting themselves to black screens or other channels.The interesting part of the media downfall and rebuff is that although it might seem inevitable there is a very large aspect of human reason that leads us to better alternatives. Of these alternatives, the places of raw and truly honest reporting always are able to replace the plastic and empty content that was once considered ‘primetime’ cable.

Documentaries are taking the place of ‘breaking news’ scrolls and short films are the new news reports that the generation of Internet bred ‘Millennialism’ is now after. Understanding this transition is essential from the seemingly doom and gloom aspect of the mass media downfall because with the forest fire of mass media comes the ashes for alternative media growth. We have spoken about the downfall the majority of this article, but the positive repercussions are also essential to understand. Some of the most revealing news sources that people rarely turn to today: Vice, RT, France 24, and even Al Jazeera Arabic oftentimes are the unheard of news outlets that broadcast something closer to the truth than what mass media fills the airwaves with.

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