New Realties, New Challenges, and New Hopes

We live in a world that relies heavily on a few key concepts associated with our survival: success through achievement and the pursuit of a better tomorrow.


While these concepts may make our current world sound unfortunate and highly competitive these concepts are general realities reflected through the systems and the mechanisms through which we conduct our day-to-day lives. Foe example, in the 20th century receiving an undergraduate education was more than enough to ensure a stable future for oneself. Today, in the 21st century, we have greatly pivoted into considering an undergraduate education a “small” stepping stone to the greater amount success that can come with a graduate level of education.

Many people will also attribute that while it may seem intuitive to understand the concept associated with the highly competitive nature of our world today there is also a key aspect of the developed competitiveness, which comes with the changes associated with the proverbial “American Dream”. The American Dream in the 20th century was one of almost simplistic aspirations, family, a white-picket fence around a family home, and a stable financial situation.


For many Americans today the 20th century aspiration of the American Dream still greatly applies. However, in a world where success is more addictive than drugs for many the new ideal of the American Dream comes with the hope of achievement and wildly aspirational success beyond that which is expected of oneself, almost insinuating ourselves as celebrities within our own worlds of success.

We often will also realize that while there is, in our world today, hopeful realities that come with being level headed; arrogance and a hunger for a better tomorrow greatly overshadow that which we thought we knew about our willingness to remain neutral in a world that praises the salient.

The 21st century on many levels, including new technological challenges, has become the advent of a different kind of success. A success that is no longer based on the end game but rather on the game itself.


We live in world that is increasingly aware. Now, this statement is up to interpretation. Our awareness is ever changing but present. We are more aware of achievement and all that it entails.

What one must realize is the fact that despite all the aspiration-like achievement we place on our lives we live in a world that extenuates us to aspire to be a part of such competitive living.  We could almost say that to the victors go the spoils in our world. While this many not be exclusive to the 21st century it is certainly an ideology, which runs deep within our understanding of survival.

While we can say that after reading this article not everyone in our world today is driven by such seemingly cutthroat versions of moral values; this article does reflect certain realities; new realties, challenges, and hopes that come with living in our world today.

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