Obama Rejects Keystone

Recently, we saw our President and Commander in Chief, elected by the people and for the people, decide against the creation of the Keystone XL Pipeline. Some Americans were shocked. From this decision, and others, many people point at Obama and call him ignorant or un-American.

The pipeline was denied by President Obama this past week. It boasts a number of benefits to the community, both globally and locally. The site for the project clearly emphasizes the benefits. Benefits like community job creation, financial relief for the taxpayers, energy creation, and economic stimulation. So why do we see such an uproar of reproach from the people of America? Do we hate jobs, economic growth, and energy? By this narrative one may see the uproar against the pipeline as an attempt to remain uncivilized cavemen and cavewomen who don’t want to get jobs or make money. This is false. Obama along with much of the American people, want jobs, economic growth, and energy. But foremost, and above all, they want health and the protection of our environment.

Proof of our effect on the environment is evident when you visit NASA’s Climate website. The main homepage clearly offers the “vital signs” of the world. In bold, readable, contrasting black and white numbers, with clear indicators of green for good and red for bad. The website simplifies the data for climate change. And what I gather from this website is that while some greenhouse gases are natural, it is evident that we are producing way more than normal, and that it is affecting the world in which we live. Whether or not you can step outside and feel that is entirely ignored. But, the facts are presented here by scientists. ROCKET SCIENTISTS! Yet, when push comes to shove, detractors somehow call Obama ignorant.

We’ve seen the haters act like this before. So, why should we expect them to see the facts now? Time and time again, we’ve seen those who “didn’t elect Obama” see the facts and walk right by them. We’ve seen signs waved in their faces about poverty and wealth distribution. We’ve seen people shot and beaten on video, without justice. We’ve seen the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere rise since the use of oil, gas, and other burning products. We’ve seen the arctic begin to melt. We’ve seen temperatures rise. And we’ve all seen people deny all common and scientific sense and claim we should impeach Obama. It’s delusional. Clearly seeing objective truths, then denying them, is crazy. But, we go with it because we’ve come to expect it. Why? Why do we expect this?

First, we expect this because we know these types of people, and secretly we know why they act this way. We all want to live our happy little bubble believing our own opinion is correct. We like believing that what we believe will always be just what we believe and no one can tell us otherwise. Unfortunately, life doesn’t work so well. There are moments of truth and moments of opinion. They mix. Life isn’t all opinion, science shows us that. There are some objective truths in this world. Also, there are many subjective ones; ones that we get to decide our opinion on. Climate change is not one of those things. The facts are scientific. They are solid. They don’t go away.

Second, we expect these people to ignore Obama’s decision because we see their pure disdain and lack of respect for the elected President of the United States. We half understand this as well. If they don’t respect him, they can’t respect his decision. Why don’t they respect him though, the people by majority and electoral votes elected him? Facts elected him. Again, we see them deny facts. They say he’s not American, so he shows us a birth certificate and other official records, and they still deny him. This lack of respect for the position and authority of the President has never been seen before. George Bush said stupid things, did stupid things, and was elected on skewed statistics by the electoral votes, but we still respected him right? At least a little? Why then can we not respect Obama similarly? He’s been elected. He has knowledge. He has facts, as we do. He earned our respect, at least he earned some of it.