Obama’s Public Camping Trip

Obama Bear Grylls

The two pose candidly for a picture that will hit the mainstream media. The President smiles as they capture the moment with a selfie.

This recent stunt was aimed at persuading those watching that there is need for concern; that there’s something worth saving out there. It’s an interesting concept and an interesting angle. In the video, Obama hikes across the glacier with his guide, Mr. Grylls. The two exchange some jokes, personal moments, and even pray together.

While the agenda may be obvious to some, it speaks directly to a large crowd outside the political sphere and passes swiftly into the commercial realm. The President is reaching out in novels ways. His concern is obvious, and the measures he’s willing to go to are as extreme as they are necessary. And while some agreements may have been made at the Paris Climate Conference, the public still is largely uninvolved. This measure reaches out to those who can’t always be reading summaries and tuning into nuanced political events.

All in all, it’s informative, and even hopeful. The commercial appeal of the show brings us all in. The conversation invites the layman to come along with them on their journey. The approach seems simple, but it is effective. Putting Obama on the level of the American people and putting him on our television makes the President accessible. We feel like he understands us, and so, we open up to what he has to say. Then, later, he comes up in conversations outside of politics. It becomes more than just politics.

While it may be beneficial to draw us into a common conversation, the question may be posed: Why do we even need this? Why does Obama have to go in the woods and eat bear food to get us to talk about the environment? Either way, he has got us talking. And that’s just what we need.


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