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An Emerging Debate: Opioids as Antidepressants?

It might seem like a wild assertion, to use opioids as medication for anti-depressants, but it is a reality that we might collectively see sooner than later when it comes to combating a wide range […]

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No Justice No Pride: Explained

Capital Pride’s annual parade was blocked this year by a group known as No Justice No Pride. Like many others, when I heard about the protest, I assumed it was just another homophobic group demanding […]

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How and Why You Should Apologize Less: Sorry, Not Sorry

  I’ve always been a very apologetic person. My inclination to apologize is so immediate, I once said sorry to a coffee table after stubbing my toe on it. I wish I could tell you […]

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Why Confederate Flags and Monuments Should Go: Hate Not Heritage

The Deep South is home to many Confederate flags and Civil War monuments of Confederate generals. In recent years, state and local governments have been making efforts to remove these homages to slavery from public […]

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Bringing Mental Health Into the Social Media Light

Now trending… There is a proliferation of mental health discussion across social media platforms, and it’s about time. I always wanted a chartreuse cast for my friends to sign in elementary school.  I wish I […]