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Why We Should Thank The People Who Broke Our Heart

Getting your heart broken sucks. Tremendously. It spans the spectrum of inability to drag ourselves out of bed-utter devastation to unbearable, cringeworthy proclamations to the entire bar about how your ex was a dick, or […]

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Sympathy is Absent When I Hear About Otto Warmbier

In April of this year, Otto Warmbier was detained in Pyongyang, North Korea and was charged with “acts of hostility towards the DPRK” and was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor. I sympathize with […]

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WikiLeaks and The Uncensored Fight Against Our Government

This week WikiLeaks published over 1,000 emails from Hillary Clinton’s private email server which pertain to the Iraq War. The whistleblowing site released these emails in the midst of the FBI wrapping up their investigation of the […]

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An open letter to my home, The City Beautiful

This is not an essay about politics. I will not be politicizing the terrorism that has occurred in my home. This is not about gun control or Islamophobia. This is about love and hope. Which, […]

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In the Aftermath of Orlando’s Tragedy, Blame is Not the Solution

In the wake of the devastating tragedy in Orlando on June 12th, the debate over gun sovereignty has flared up once again, begging the question, whose fault is it? The U.S is no stranger to […]

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How Racism Made and Might Be Keeping Marijuana Illegal

In mid May, the U.S House Rules Committee voted against two amendments that would have allowed for extensive research to be conducted concerning the ways in which marijuana could be used as an alternative to […]

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“Sanders Fans, I Get Your Pain…”: A Response to The New York Times

The New York Times published an opinion piece this week addressed to Bernie Sanders fans and supporters everywhere. Its message was clear: a steadfast and divided America is not going to lead to a prosperous […]

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Dandong: Portal Into Another Dimension

The border between China and North Korea is separated by the Yalu River. Each side is vastly different. I arrived through the Chinese border city of Dandong via a train from Beijing. The moment I […]