The End of Party Politics

End of Party Politics

Unless you have been under a rock in the deepest parts of the Mariana Trench, you understand that this year’s election has had more fireworks than the 4th of July. It is incredible to see the way party politics is changing in America and this change is the direct result of the efforts of two of the remaining candidates.

Never before has the establishment felt the heat that the voters have expressed by voting for the candidate the establishment did not want. The change in dynamic is a circle back to the origins of a democratically elected President. For most of the Presidential races of the past, the media in conjunction with donors and special interests have shaped election results before the first votes were cast.

But for the first time in a long time, the American people are back with a vengeance and a vote. They are stepping out and casting ballots, eager to be heard and incite a change from the corrupted ways by which politics in America have been shaped. The power of a vote is a powerful one. A vote gives a sense of power that the American public has long been without. A power, now that we have regained, is too intoxicating to give up as easily as we did so many decades ago.

In fact, the American people sense the fear of establishment candidates and their parties committee chairs. The fearful establishment has resulted in candidate collusion as a means of tearing down the current (anti-establishment) winner. Likewise, they attempt to dethrone a possible frontrunner by attaching meaningless rhetoric to a candidate’s innovative positions for the country.

The reality is not the candidate’s message, but the causality of the candidate’s presence, which empowers the people to voice their opinion and their vote. This year alone the Republican Party, in almost all of the states where primaries have been held, doubled or tripled the number of votes. The democrats have seen the same phenomena; however, not to as dramatic an extent.

There is an upheaval in the political world. The real results of our efforts can only be expressed the day after the general election. The day we call a new person President of the United States. But, on that day will we know if our efforts come to fruition as the new format for Party Politics in America takes way.

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