Proud Cat Lady

Being a cat lady really isn’t that bad. I have had cats pretty much my entire life. Cats are cute, cuddly, and independent– what’s not to love?

I’ve spent the last five years battling the title of “cat lady” because I thought it was degrading or embarrassing. Being a cat lady has always been associated with being a spinster. If you’re a single woman over a certain age, you’re automatically required to get a cat because no one else will love you. That’s kind of a harsh thought and, frankly, a little rude. It wasn’t until about a month ago that I’ve decided it really isn’t the worst thing. So, I love cats… so what? Stigmas be damned, they’re adorable.

Cats are cute. That’s why they’re all over the internet. You wouldn’t watch a video of a snake playing with a laser pointer, unless you’re weird and want to watch nothing happen. Because cats are so damn cute, I feel like being called a cat lady is just implying you like cute fluffy things. How is that bad?

Cats are fiercely independent. I don’t have to limit myself to short trips to let the dog out, I don’t have to shy away from an overnight get-away, and I don’t have to worry about a vacation. My cat is so chill as long as he gets fed he doesn’t care that I’m gone for 24 hours or even longer. God bless time-release feeders and self-scooping litter boxes.

Cats travel well. Have you ever tried taking a Golden Retriever on an airplane? The entire time you have to pray your dog doesn’t turn into a popsicle mid-flight. Or that whole “Homeward Bound” thing doesn’t happen where the dogs take off before the flight and they have to run through the woods to get home. That’s not okay! If you have anything other than a lap dog you are stuck with road tripping everywhere. My cat is an excellent flyer. He gets one anti-anxiety pill and sleeps for about four hours. Last Christmas I brought him with me to visit my parents and everything would have been perfect if my flight wasn’t delayed 8 hours.

Apparently they have a pet relief area for dogs, but unless your cat is trained to go in the grass you’re in trouble. I think that trip was my defining Cat Lady moment. It had been 7 hours since my cat had used the litter box and I was pretty sure he had to go. I don’t travel with kitty litter and they don’t supply it in airports for some crazy reason. So I went into one of those family restrooms and held my cat over the toilet. I repeat: I held my cat over the toilet so he would go to the bathroom. I had visions of my cat pooping mid-flight so what else was I supposed to do?

Other than unexpected airport delays, there are no disadvantages to owning a cat, therefore being a cat lady is not such a bad thing. If being a cat lady means I have this adorable house friend that lets me travel as much as I want, then I want to be a cat lady! So, cat ladies of the world, do not be ashamed! Be proud you have a furry friend that doesn’t require constant attention! Cats rule, dogs drool.

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