Are You Being Politically Correct or Just Being Too Sensitive?

In a perfect world everyone would get along, no one would ever get their feelings hurt and the word offensive wouldn’t even be in our vocabulary. But, in that perfect world we’d all probably have the personality of toast, live in bubble wrap, and have to do away with Facebook where everyone is offended by something.

Until then, we live in a very imperfect world where Starbucks makes you pay $5 for a cup of coffee. Our society seeks a thrill by finding something to be pissed off about. There is nothing wrong with political correctness and there is nothing wrong for calling out your low-key racist great-aunt out on her comment. However, so many people now are just brimming over with things that they find offensive. As a culture we’ve blanketed ourselves under the security blanket that if we don’t agree with what someone is saying, it’s immediately offensive and wrong.

We’ve become so sensitive, it borders on self-destruction at times. If you have spent an entire day taking in everything you heard, you could easily twist most of it into an offensive comment. The end result? You will be insulted and angry for the entire day. There’s no benefit for you. It’s a waste of your breath and a waste of an argument. It causes you to have a lack of sincerity behind arguments over actual politically incorrect comments. No one will take you serious if you’re constantly mad because you can’t take a joke. There are serious issues to be sensitive about, so it’s time to pick your battles.

It’s very important to remind yourself: just because someone doesn’t agree with your views or has a different opinion on something does not mean what they are saying is insensitive or offensive. We’re such an entitled culture everyone thinks their opinion is right and everyone else is wrong. We’ve begun masking disagreement with insensitivity. Accusing someone of being politically incorrect is not an escape route in proving your point is right. In fact, it just demands attention that you’re terrible at debating about what you believe in.

Do you constantly find yourself angrily scrolling on your timeline? Enraged at someone missing their sensitivity chip that morning when they wrote their status? Do you quickly jump into argue a point that your sudden enemy didn’t even mean to make? Do you talk over others, think you’re always right, abuse the ‘first amendment’ argument or use a slightly whiny tone of voice when someone disagrees with you? Bad news! The world, and more importantly the internet, is harsh. Well, get used to it. Because there is good news! Despite my viewing of your sheltered sensitivity as a quick way for natural selection to come for you, I actually have some advice for you.

The world is harsh and the internet can show the offensive better than anything else. However, you’ve got to chill out. Arguing is a waste of energy, channel that shit for yoga class or that paper you’ve been putting off writing. Bitching is boring especially when people disguise it under the pretense of “standing up for what’s right”. Save your breath for screaming at your boyfriend when he leaves the seat up again. (Now that’s offensive.) You’re shouting to an empty audience; your lengthy social media replies fall on deaf ears.

For some final words of wisdom:  I have something a little insensitive to share with you. Get over it. Get a sense of humor or get off the internet. How about that for offensive? Your neighbor is not trying to offend you with her Facebook status and your co-worker was just making a bad joke to lighten the mood in the break room. It’s usually not that serious. Save it for the moments that actually demand a response.

Chill out.